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La carrière de marbre rouge de France
Blocs de marbre rouge
Granulat de marbre rouge de France
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Bloc de marbre rouge
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Marble blocks

Blocs de marbre rouge

If you are a dealer, a factory or a marble, we have the product you are looking for:

  • Production of blocks throughout the year
  • Constant stock of 300 tons
  • Available colors: grey turquin creates, turquin creates red, red Crimson, red cherry and antique
  • Transport

Si usted es un distribuidor, una fabrica o un marmol, tenemos el producto que usted esta buscando:

  • Produccion de bloques a la largo del ano
  • Stock constante de 300 toneladas
  • Colores disponibles: gris turquin crea, turquin crea rojo, rojo carmesi, rojo cereza y antiguo
  • Transporte


Blocs de marbre rouge

If you are a dealer, an aggregates depot, a community or an individual, we offer you various kinds of aggregates:

  • Gravel for disabled concrete
  • Gravel for parks and gardens
  • Gravel for walkway
  • Gravel for driveway of routing
  • Sand to build and renderings
  • Sand for stabilized land
  • Sansdust
  • Transport

Cuting plant

Blocs de marbre rouge

If you are a deaern larbke or individual, we offer:

  • Blocks sliced
  • Rax slices
  • Unlined, résinées or polished slices
  • Job processing
  • Transport
  • Installation

France red marble
Garrigue Castle Villerambert
Tel : 0033 (0) 680 962 226
AGE is an operating company of marble quarry red of France situated in Caunes Minervois in the Departement of Aude. We sell blocks of Crimson red marble aggregate and crushed everywhere in the world.